Sedation and Nervous Patients

Are you a nervous patient? Worried about your visit?

Relax – you’re in safe hands

If you’re anxious about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. Up to 50% of the adult population report some level of dental phobia. For most people, dental phobia results in nothing more than a racing pulse and sweaty palms. For others, the fear can be enough to deter them from seeking desperately needed treatment. At Bracken Barrett were keen to understand what your reasons are and to help you overcome them. We have successfully treated any patients whose fear of going to the dentist and we’re proud to have qualified Dental Phobia certified dentists who successfully help patients overcome their dental fears.

However, there are times where encouragement and TLC are not enough to help nervous patients receive treatment. For these people, we are able to offer intravenous sedation. To any confusion, being sedated is not being put to sleep! Intravenous sedation reduces patient’s anxiety, allowing them to undergo treatment whilst feeling relaxed and having little or no memory of the experience. A lot of our patients have found intravenous sedation very useful and has helped them receive treatment they may not have been able to tolerate otherwise. Sedation is a great way for nervous patients and anyone who feels anxious about receiving treatment, our sedation services are available to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment. We use fully qualified hospital anaesthetists to carry out the treatment.

Our gentle approach to nervous patients is what makes us one of the islands top practices and anyone who feels anxious about receiving treatment. If you’re a nervous patient of dental treatment, whatever the reason and would like to come in for a familiarisation visit, just to chat to us and meet the dentists and the team, we’d love to welcome you. You may find that the visit helps you take a first big step in overcoming your fear.

DentalPhobia Certified

Jane Bracken is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

What our patients say…

“My wife ‘found’ Andrew Fish who was extremely positive & proactive in saving her tooth – which many other dentists said was not possible. If he convinced my wife – who doesn’t like dentists! – he must be good! And he is! Ably supported by Emily, I would trust them 100%. Quite simply: brilliant.”

“No, very friendly and professional. I was a little nervous about the root canal treatment as it is supposedly awful BUT it was an absolute breeze. Completely painless. Jane was very reassuring and talked through the process making me feel very comfortable throughout”

“I have always been quite nervous going to the dentist but the team at Bracken Barrett couldn’t have been nicer. They talked me through the procedure and calmed any nerves I had”

Jane Bracken
Jane BrackenDentist
MSc BDS (Manc)
Specialist in Endodontics
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