Payment Plans & Insurance

Easy payment plans are available for all patients. We offer a range of payment plans and work closely with various local finance companies such as DC Dental, Cherry Godfrey & Acorn Finance to help you spread the cost of your dental work. We can also deal directly with your insurance company. Dannielle from DC Dental can be made available to discuss a payment plan.

We also work with both Denplan, The Jersey Dental Association and the Pension Plus scheme. Please email to find out more.

Other items that may be required will be individually priced as they become necessary.

You will be provided with a written estimate but if additional treatment becomes necessary this may alter.

Procedure Price Notes
New Patient Examination & Assessment £70 (including bitewing radiograph, photographs and cancer screening)
Routine Examination £35
Consultation £35
Periodontal Examination £120
Scale & Polish from £60
Periodontal treatment from £90
Periapical Radiographs £18
Bitewing Radiographs £36
OPT £50
Cone Beam Scan £200
Amalgam from £75
Composite from £80
Root Canal Treatment
RCT Stage 1 only £190 (open drainage, dressing)
Incisors from £360
Premolar from £500
Molars from £600
Root Canal Treatment with Specialist
Consultation from £95
Root Canal Treatment from £795
Calcium Hydroxide dressing from £90
Additional Visits £90
Re-Root Canal Treatment from £950
Extractions from £90
Surgical Extractions from £170 or time
Wisdom Teeth Extraction from £270
Apicectomy from £350
Restorative Treatment
Crowns from £680 per unit
Gold Crown from £700
All Porcelain from £680
Bridges from £900
Veneers from £640
Lab Posts from £190
Implant Consultation £100
Implants from £2,300
Itero Scan £45.00
Invisalign® from £2250
Orthodontic Treatment with  Specialist 
Fixed Braces from £2,500
Consultation £70
Acrylic from £625
Cobalt Chrome from £990
Additions to dentures from £165

Children’s Prices

Procedure Price Notes
0-5 years old £0 (free with fee paying adult otherwise £10)
5-11 years old £15
11-18 years old  £24
Scale & Polish from £25
Composites from £60
Glass lonomer from £45
Fissure Sealants £37 – £30
X-Rays from £18
Extractions from £50
Orthodontist Available
Itero Scan  FREE 8-14 years old (with fee paying adult) Detects decay & teeth position)
Referral letter FREE

24 hours notice is required to cancel appointments. All failed appointments without proper notice will be charged for at the clinical time rate.