Kelly Phillips | Receptionist

What I love about Bracken Barrett is that we don’t have to refer our clients to other practices which our patients really like. We can do everything under one roof, from endodontics, implants and orthodontics to periodontal, cosmetic treatments and Invisalign®. People don’t have to go anywhere else.

I’ve spent 38 years working in dental surgeries, and what I’ve always loved the most has been the family feel and the friendly, warm atmosphere. I’m busy at work, and at home with my family who mean the world to me. If there’s one thing I wish I could tell everyone who’s hesitating about going to the dentist, it’s just do it. Don’t leave it until you’re in pain, the longer you leave it, the more serious it could get, so come in regularly and get that check-up, because what’s more important than your health?


I love to see the difference in people, especially with the cosmetic side of our treatments. It’s when they come in for treatment and then go out looking like a million dollars – you can see the confidence it gives them, and that’s what really makes my day.

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