Jane Irvine | Practice Manager

We do genuinely care. We do our best to make visiting the dentist a positive experience and the wellbeing of our patients is something we’re very interested in. Patients become like extended family and it’s lovely to have that relationship and rapport with our patients. We’re very lucky to have a great patient base and we want to extend that friendly welcoming atmosphere from the moment people walk in.

I’m from the north east of England originally, another one that came to Jersey for six months and stayed! As a Northerner, I’m very down to earth, and that works well when you’re dealing with a busy practice. Jane saw potential in me early on and gave me an opportunity to retrain as a practice manager. That was over 20 years ago when there were just two dentists, now we’ve grown to two practices and a thriving team of dentists and nurses. I look after the overall running of the surgeries, all the organisation behind the scenes and the wellbeing of the team and I can honestly say that no two days are ever the same!


Putting the patient first is always what we’ve done at Bracken Barrett, there’s a very caring, family feel that has been there since day one, and that makes it a very nice place to work. Of course it can be stressful at times, we’re dealing with patients who may be anxious or in pain, so you have to be able to calm them down and make sure their needs are met.

We always ask ourselves – how would you want your mum, your sister or your brother to be treated? That’s what we want for our patients – to be able to give them the best and find a solution. Because Jersey is a small community, we have that continuity, we see families grow up and see patients being able to come in and give themselves that treatment they’ve always wanted. Those moments are lovely.

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