Grace Kennedy | Dentist

I’m passionate about getting kids to actually enjoy coming to the dentist.   You’re setting them up with good habits for the future – from simply learning how to brush teeth properly, to the difference that good dietary choices can make.

I studied dentistry at Glasgow University but it was when I was working in Manchester that I found what was really rewarding for me as a dentist – helping children feel more positive about dental treatment.  It feels like a real achievement when you help a nervous kid to feel happy about visiting the dentist more regularly. Here in Jersey, we’ve been able to introduce open day initiatives to help more parents bring their children to experience the relaxed, family-friendly environment here. Kids are great fun to deal with, they’ll always tell you the truth!

Our approach is to spend extra time with them, showing them everything we’re going to use and building up their confidence. I like to digitally scan my patients with our 3D iTero scanner, and it’s a fantastic way of showing our younger patients what their teeth look like so they understand what we’re doing. When’s the right time to bring your child to the dentist? Ideally before they’re one. So many dental problems can be prevented if they’re caught early enough.  Prevention is better than cure.

I love Jersey for its relaxed family feel. And with three children under ten who love everything to do with the water, when I”m not at our clinic, you’ll find me on the beach with the kids!


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