We have committed to saving the planet. Protecting the environment is a global effort, and everyone should be doing their bit to help out. Small steps can soon add up to make a huge difference when dentists (and all of us) make the effort. Here are a few of the things we are doing to help the planet here at Bracken Barrett.

We support local charities in their efforts to save the planet. Check out for more info on George’s work.

Digital X-rays

Switching to digital X-rays rather than conventional X-rays reduces the amount of radiation sent up into the universe by up to 90%. It’s estimated that over a 5-year period, each dental surgery would prevent the disposal of around 200 litres of toxic dental X-ray fixer and more than 7,200 lead foils. At Bracken Barrett we are proud to have made the switch to digital radiography and software.

It is easy for people to be sceptical and wonder what kind of difference simply turning a few light bulbs off and recycling paper will do. However, research has shown that making simple changes can make a huge difference to the environment in a very short space of time.

Here are some of the things we try to do as a Practice:

  • Operate digitally and paperless where possible
  • Request to be removed from receiving office junk mail
  • Use shredded paper for packaging material
  • Place indoor plants around the office
  • Bring our meals to work in reusable containers
  • Walk, bike, run or take public transportation to work
  • Send appointment reminders on recycled paper or through email or text message
  • Consider stocking all-natural oral care products, from toothpaste to mouthwash
  • Turn off our computers when we leave the office for the day
  • Cut back on the number of printers in the practice and print double-sided, when possible
  • Run a Practice energy audit
  • Teaching our patients to turn off the tap when they brush
  • We have a supply of bamboo toothbrushes which are made from plant-based plastic and bamboo picksters which are 97.4% Biodegradable use
  • Using disposable, plastic or paper barriers where possible
  • Recycle the big five: aluminum, glass, plastic, paper and steel
  • Clearly label recycling containers in accessible areas for patients and staff to encourage recycling and reuse
  • Recycle computer parts and electronics
  • Replace high-energy consuming office lights with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room

Ask our team if you want to find out more about our energy efficient and environmentally-friendly initiatives, and how you can introduce energy-saving additions into your own oral care routines!

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