Dominika Zaramba | Receptionist

I came to Jersey in 2003, intending to stay for 6 months, and that was 16 years ago! I joined Bracken Barrett just over a year ago after a career in hospitality, and it’s exceeded my expectations by miles. You’re more than just a number, you’re part of making people feel reassured and ensuring they have a positive experience. 

I’ve put a lot of myself into my professional education because I want to learn as much as possible. It’s important to me to really know what I’m talking about and be able to deliver the best possible care to our patients. The approach here is to ensure that the patient is happy and feels cared for, and if it’s just getting our patients in for a chat about their treatment so that they can feel reassured, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. When you see the relief on people’s faces after completing a successful course of treatment, it makes everything worthwhile. 

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