<b>Jane Bracken</b>
Jane BrackenDentist
MSc BDS (Manc)
Specialist in Endodontics

GDC: 67133

<b>Emma Barrett</b>
Emma BarrettDentist
BDS (L.Pool) PGDip

GDC: 76296

<b>Grace Kennedy</b>
Grace KennedyDentist
BDS (Glasg)


<b>Andrew Fish</b>
Andrew FishDentist
BDS (Glasg)

GDC: 103236

<b>Suyin Geddes</b>
Suyin GeddesDentist
BDS (Brist) BSC (Hons)

GDC: 244139

<b>Emma Casson</b>
Emma CassonDentist
BDS (Bristol) MFGDP (UK) RCS Eng

GDC: 83448

<b>Dr Calum McAllister</b>
Dr Calum McAllisterDentist
BDS Glasgow

GDC: 264289

<b>Sam Wareing </b>
Sam Wareing Dentist
GDC: 271383
<b>Matthew Power MSc BDS</b>
Matthew Power MSc BDSSpecialist Orthodontist
GDC: 65585
<b>Nicola Power</b>
Nicola PowerSpecialist Orthodontist
GDC: 80261
<b>Carla Aleixo</b>
Carla Aleixo
GDC: 190402
<b>Aoibheann Quigg</b>
Aoibheann QuiggHygiene Therapist & Facial Aesthetics
GDC: 246758
<b>Kathrin Baumert</b>
Kathrin BaumertFacial Aesthetics & Laser Nurse Practitioner
<b>Jenny Charnley</b>
Jenny CharnleyQualified Nurse
GDC: 300710
<b>Caroline Quigg</b>
Caroline QuiggQualified Nurse
GDC: 133666
<b>Nikita Boucault</b>
Nikita BoucaultQualified Nurse
GDC: 316002
<b>Catherine Richards</b>
Catherine RichardsTrainee Nurse
<b>Miranda Brewer</b>
Miranda BrewerTrainee Nurse
<b>Debora Correia</b>
Debora CorreiaTrainee Nurse
<b>Karena Pinel</b>
Karena PinelTrainee Nurse
<b>Billie Whelan</b>
Billie WhelanApprentice
<b>Jane Irvine</b>
Jane IrvinePractice Manager
GDC: 105571
<b>Faye Gardner</b>
Faye GardnerOffice Manager
<b>Dominika Zaremba</b>
Dominika ZarembaHead Receptionist
<b>Kelly Phillips</b>
Kelly PhillipsReceptionist
<b>Rianne Couley</b>
Rianne CouleyReceptionist
<b>Kerry Best</b>
Kerry BestReceptionist

Bracken Barrett’s first practice was in Midvale Road in 1991 established by Dr Jane Bracken, moving to Bath Street in 1997 and we expanded again to add the Sand Street practice in 2011.

Our approach has always been to have the best on my team, and ensure that every member continues their professional development with us, guiding them on their pathways to becoming the best they can be, from nurses and hygienists to therapists and even going off island to become dentists. I’m so proud of my team, and how they constantly work with me to improve and strengthen the services and facilities at Bracken Barrett. Highly skilled and expertly trained dentists including several Specialists help us treat patients to achieve their goals all under one roof.

We’re passionate about having the latest dental technology to make treatments less invasive for our patients. Our iTero scanner takes a digital 3D scan of your teeth in three minutes for gag-free impressions, and our CBCT scanner and digital X-ray machines keep exposure to radiation to a minimum for our patients. We are now moving to diagnose caries without the use of radiographs with the new iTero which is very exciting.

We’re the most technically advanced practice in the Channel Islands, which for our patients means modern, effective and pain-free treatments as standard.

Nationally recognised in the British Dental Association’s Best Practice of the Year Award, the highest industry standard that can be awarded (we were runners up). We are still the only Channel Island dental practice to be BDA Best Practice accredited.

As a practice we are more like a family, caring for each other and sharing our successes and life achievements. This, and the charity work we do for many local communities and overseas, gives us a great amount of pleasure at work.

Everything we do is driven by care for our patients, and that to me is the most important thing. Being kind is fundamental to us, it gives us personal satisfaction as a team and benefits everyone who is a patient of Bracken Barrett.

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